XM Continues Forex Seminar Series in the Philippines

XM Company News
XM Company News

The autumn seminar series started by XM in the Philippines continues its way to Davao City on 15th September and to Iloilo on 29th September, where we look forward to welcoming online investors keen on receiving professional guidelines on the use of technical analysis in trading forex and other financial instruments.

Seminar presenter Jonathan Lou Reyes, well-known to our clients who have attended XM seminars in the Philippines so far, will initiate the audience of the two upcoming events into the use of technical indicators and candlestick patterns, which are both essential to clearly understand when it comes to identifying strong vs weak market trends.

In each event location, Jonathan Lou Reyes will provide seminar guests with a series of details relevant to assessing trend strength with a proper use of technical analysis tools, including the Avramis River Indicator, which can be used to easily identify the clarity, strength and breadth of market trends for forex and other financial instruments. >

Our company representatives, who will be welcoming seminar guests in Davao and Iloilo, are looking forward to reconnecting with our existing and new clients who choose to attend the event in either city.

For a more detailed description of the seminar topic and for timely registrations for the venue and date of your preference, please click here.

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