Trade & Travel Contest by FxCash

Trade & Travel Contest by FxCash
Trade & Travel Contest by FxCash

Choose your destination country, collect your Points, and get ready for the vacation you’ve been dreaming of! Take part in the FxCash Trade & Travel Contest today!

To take part in this contest, please sign up with FxCash and open a live trading account with any broker mentioned in our list!

Free Accomodation (7 days or more) in any country of the world!

Trade & Travel Advantages

1Get FxCash Rebate and Trade & Travel FX Points

For each lot traded, even with losing trades, you get spread or commission rebate by trading with any of the 40+ leading and regulated brokers.

2Choose the Destinaton You Like Best

There’s such a lot of world to see! Win the Trade & Travel Contest and choose your destination country.

3No Limitation, New Inspiration!

Select your vacation dates with no limitations at all! FxCash team will find an option that suits you best.

4Trade & Travel Contest Is On All Year Round

The contest is updated and starts all over again every two months during the entire year. This means you’ll have a lot of opportunities to become a winner!

Your Trip May Start Right Here!

  • Over 20,000 Best Hotels
  • 5 Continents
  • Over 120 Countries

Trade & Travel Destination

Spain, Charming and Bright

Recommended City: Barcelona






Amazing sights, great sandy beaches, splendid warm sea, and much more awaits you in the sunny Spain.

Impeccable Austria

Recommended Cities: Vienna, St. Anton

The picturesque Austria is a great destination to visit, both in Summer and in Winter. Here, you can find the best ski and SPA resorts, as well as, of course, the fabulous Vienna, in the very heart of Europe.

The Legendary US

Recommended City: New York

Spend a week’s time in New York, the largest city in the world. Take a walk around Times Square or check in on Floor 102 of the Empire State Building!

Exotic Thailand

Recommended City: Phuket

Thailand is famous for great clubs, discos, and restaurants. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy exotic scenery and fabulous beaches either!

FxCash Earns You Rebate for Each Trade You Make

The company has partnered with leading FX brokers to earn you cashback for each trade you make on any instrument at no additional charge.

Quick & Easy Signup, 100% Free

To get spread or commission rebate, you’ve got to signup. The process is easy and completely free of charge. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll start getting 95% of your spread back to your account, instantly

Founded back in 2009

FxCash is one of the first FX spread rebate services on the net, catering to over 20,000 clients throughout the world.

Best Customer Service Ever

The company credits your account with your funds instantly. They’ve got the best rebate rates in the industry. Our customer support is super fast and helpful!

How It Works

  • Sign up with FxCash
  • Log into your account and confirm your participation
  • Trade and get FX points
  • Exchange your points for a tour

FxCash is the popular forex spread rebate service. It was founded in 2009 and has been operating ever since. It is partnered with more than 40 forex brokers and provides spread rebate return to its clients. What does that mean to you? Well, it means that you open a trading account with one of the partner brokers and start trading as usual. Your rebate account at FxCash starts accumulating money with each trade you make. The amount depends on the broker and the rebate that it provides. You may earn up to $16 per lot with FxCash.