The Road to Success-eBook from FXTM

The Road to Success: 50 Successful Traders’ Habits
The Road to Success: 50 Successful Traders’ Habits

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Topics Covered:
  1. Identifying Trends
  2. Incorporating Risk Management Rules
  3. Understanding the Psychological Factor
  4. Developing Effective Trading Strategies
  5. Using Indicators Proactively
  6. Keeping Your Trading Tactics Disciplined

Why FXTM Recommends the ‘Road to Success’

Whether you’re a beginner looking for a strong foundation of forex basics, or a more advanced trader seeking a solid reference to brush up on your techniques, this Ebook will be a helpful guide. Written by FXTM Head of Education and renowned FX teacher, Prof. Andreas Thalassinos, ‘The Road to Success’ will play a central role in forming an effective trading strategy. Click here to view a PDF Sample.

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