Next Bitcoin Bull Run Will Be First Cycle Supported By Established Financial Firms

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FxPro Daily Economic Events

During the last Bitcoin bull run and crypto hype bubble peak, the industry struggled to keep up with the overwhelming demand. Exchanges had no choice but to shut down new user registrations, and new user accounts began being sold on the black market for full Bitcoins as eager retail investors scrambled to buy into the altcoin mania at the close of 2017.

After a brutal bear market, Bitcoin is starting to find its footing once again, and is showing the early signs that the next bull market could be underway. But unlike the last time around, this cycle will be the first ever bull run where more established financial businesses will be supporting Bitcoin, exposing the asset to even more investors and capital than in the past.

The list is ever-growing, but even just the sampling provided by Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Anthony Pompliano shows the mix of tech and retail giants, financial firms, think tanks, and so many more.

In an example provided by Bitcoin evangelist Misir Mahmudov, the #1 finance all in the Apple app store for iPhone is currently the Square Cash App, which tells its users to “spend cash, buy bitcoin.” Wise advice from an app store description.

The analyst’s comments underscore the importance of these major finance firms and the exposure to significant capital these businesses bring to the crypto industry.

Just Square Cash App alone has already begun to absorb as much as 10% of the Bitcoin supply miners are rewarded with each day, taking that supply out of the market and increasing demand.. Square Cash’s Bitcoin-based revenue trajectory has it devouring as much as 200% of that daily supply by 2020 if the firm stays on track.

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