HFcopy service from HotForex Broker

HFcopy service from HotForex Broker
HFcopy service from HotForex Broker

HotForex presents HFcopy service – a great opportunity for both those who want to gain profit from Forex trading but have no enough experience and the skilled traders who would like to exchange their knowledge for certain performance fee.

HFcopy is a great tool which allows traders to join forces with each other to try and master the markets. Individuals can create trading strategies, taking up the role of a Strategy Provider, or copy trades as a Follower without needing to actually trade or to closely follow the market ups and downs.

Main features of HFcopy service

Full control of your account Performance fees for mutual benefits A powerful solution which automates trading Diverse trading strategies



HFcopy is a powerful solution which automates trading for traders who wish to get access to the vibrant trading world but never had the time to do so before. No matter how confident someone is about trading, they can become Followers, copy a strategy and start learning.

Moreover, anyone who decides to become a Follower can invest funds under HFcopy, having full control of his own account, and will be able to deposit & withdraw as well as close trades as desired, and much more.

Control Trades at any time

You have control of the trades since HFcopy allows MT4 access and lets you close trades.

Decide how much to risk

You can use Volume Allocation to determine what percentage of the Strategy Provider’s trades you wish to have copied.

Set your Rescue Level

There’s no obligation to invest your account’s entire balance. Setting a Rescue Level allows you to keep a fraction secure in case of loss.

Unfollow any time

Provided that the markets are open, you can unfollow one Strategy Provider and select another.

Withdraw your funds any time

With HFcopy, when you are a Follower you can choose to withdraw profits or available funds any time you want to do so.

If you are ready, click the button to start following.


Strategy Providers

Traders who consider themselves more advanced can apply to become Strategy Providers. In this way, if they qualify, they will be able to show off their trading knowledge and expertise, can build their inventory of loyal Followers and trade in exchange of a Performance Fee which can be as high as 35%.

Performance fee up to 35%

Given that a Strategy Provider has positive results, he is eligible to receive a fee from his Followers.

Monthly payments

The fees are calculated as per the High Watermark regime and paid to the Strategy Provider’s myWallet once a month.

Three strategy accounts

Every Strategy Provider is allowed to hold three different accounts on which he can apply distinct settings.

Show off trading knowledge

Strategy Providers’ profiles and results are displayed on a performance table through which Followers can compare, monitor and choose.

Automated calculations

From the moment a Follower selects Volume Allocation & Rescue Level, all amount calculations are taken care of, automatically.

Ready to share your skills?