Gator Oscillator


    It’s a technical analysis oscillator developed by Bill Williams.  It consists of two histograms, above and below zero. The histogram above the zero line shoes the difference between the teeth (red line) and the jaw (blue line) of the Alligator. The histogram below the zero line show the difference between the lips (green line) and the teeth (red line) of the Alligator. A histogram bar is colored green when the value is greater than the previous bar’s value and in red color when the value is less than the previous bar’s value.

    The Gator Oscillator  helps to understand what the  Alligator does:

    1. Sleeps – Both bars are red
    2. Eats – Both bars are green
    3. Awakes –  After sleeping, one bar is green and one bar is red
    4. Fills out – After eating, one of the bars is red


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