Company News – Will Bitcoin repeat record growth of 2017?

FreshForex Company News
FreshForex Company News

Cryptocurrency tradingDear traders,

Think that the best time for cryptocurrency trading has already passed?

What if it’s not true? Earn on cryptocurrencies any time, doesn’t matter if cryptocurrency grows or falls!

On financial markets traders earn not on the cryptocurrency itself, but on the difference of rates: if you want to earn on growth — buy, if you want to earn on fall — sell.

Now the most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin is on the same levels like in the previous year before record rally up to $20 000. Why not to make profit?

Digital currencies are trading actively 24 hours a day, including weekends.

Current cryptocyrrency rates at the moment of publishing:

BTC/USD (Bitcoin vs US dollar)                       $6 570,7
BCH/USD (Bitcoin Cash vs US dollar)           $639,32
ETH/USD (Ethereum vs US dollar)                 $221,61
LTC/USD (Litecoin vs US dollar)                     $55,35
XRP/USD (Ripple vs US dollar)                       $0,53848
XLC/USD (LeviarCoin vs US dollar)               $0.0776169

All these cryptocurrencies are available for trading in FreshForex trading platforms MetaTrader4 / MetaTrader 5. During the first week of November Buy trades might have brought you profit from $3 198 to $33 265 depending on the cryptocurrency!

Will Bitcoin repeat record growth of 2017?

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