Autochartist Review

Autochartist Review
Autochartist Review

Autochartist is currently servicing 45 of the largest and most successful on-line brokers and institutions. With a community of more than 50 000 traders in over 80 countries worldwide receiving well over 400 000 potential trade opportunities each month Autochartist has proven itself as the leading chart pattern recognition platform for Brokers, Market Makers and Educational Institutions.

Save valuable time when reading through charts! Autochartist scans a multitude of trading instruments in real time and automatically identifies Chart patterns and Fibonacci patterns to never miss an opportunity again.

What is Autochartist

It is an easy to understand, powerful market-scanning tool which highlights the best trading opportunities, helping traders to decide, in an instant, what and when to trade, such as finding good trade opportunities in real time. The provided opportunities are good enough because they are not convoluted ‘black-box’ signals – they are based on known trusted theories. They are visually represented on price graphs, so you can choose your trades by simply evaluating the images. It saves the trader a lot of time looking for good potential trade set-ups.

All of the features are also delivered directly to the MT4 application via a custom plug-in, which links seamlessly to the Autochartist service.

Key features of Autochartist

  • Identifies three types of patterns: Chart Patterns, Fibonacci patterns and Key Levels. All are based on support and resistance levels.
  • Monitors financial Instruments 24hrs/day.
  • Presents all opportunities in the market regardless of the chart being viewed.
  • Saves time and helps refine traders’ efficiency as it scans through tradeable patterns automatically.
  • Gives access to multi-language email market reports and alerts.
  • Can be installed on clients’ MT4 Terminal to scan opportunities across all charts.
  • Search functionalities and various filters allow users to form a custom-made watch-list.
  • Offers volatility analysis as means of getting useful insight into instrument movements.

With Autochartist the traders get huge time-saving benefits by having this tool continuously scan the market for fresh, high-quality trading opportunities. Plenty of research and education material is also available on the Autochartist web site and web interface. Users get access to articles, videos, eBooks, webinars and more.

Autochartist is fully customizable to your instruments and your preferred language, it scans your watch-list and alerts you to opportunities in real time as soon as a Chart or Fibonacci pattern is identified. Constant monitoring, volatility analyses and multiple Market Reports mean you’ll never miss an opportunity again – it works 24 hours so you don’t have to.

Now all HotForex traders can benefit from this excellent tool for free.